At COVID Alert level 3, we are playing our part to prevent spread of COVID and not offering our mobile cardiology service. We are able to see cases at our regular cardiology clinics, in Palmerston North, depending on the urgency and where the pet lives (please click here to refer them). 


Please remember that we are able to support pet owners and vets with remote telemedicine. We can arrange video/phone consultations directly with pet owners at home; and can ‘attend’ an examination, or guide Vets through an echo,  via video-link at any vet practice. With this collaborative approach, we are able to effectively manage NZ pets' heart conditions during this current COVID lockdown.


Referrals/pet owner bookings/advice requests/interpretation requests can be made in the 'VET AREA' for vet professionals and in the 'PET OWNER AREA' for existing Apex clients. 

If you are a pet owner and not currently an Apex Cardiology client but would like our advice or to arrange a consultation, please ask your primary vet to refer your pet.

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